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Starting Out in Life: Tips for Managing Your Everyday Finances, Business Strategies, and More. All the books that Shane has created, and are available on Amazon

Shane Lifeman

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May 1st, 2018, was the day my life changed forever. I had everything that everybody wanted, a beautiful home on the water, cars in the driveway, a successful business, and from the outside looking in, a millionaire's lifestyle. I had everything except for one thing, my life, and now I wanted my life back.

I was a slave to the grind for over 30-plus years until I woke up that fateful morning, and I asked myself a one-word question WHY? From that moment on, I was on the path to simplifying my life. I wanted to live smaller but also live larger. I wanted to live my dream life.

This is my journey towards living the life I truly wanted, free from the corporate lifestyle that was slowly killing me. I share how I downsized my living space and expenses. My mindset shifts towards how I now view money and tips on frugal living, retirement planning, and discovering hidden sources of income.

Live Free Live Life Live The Dream - How To Live A Better

What would you do if one morning, you woke up in your vehicle with just $50 to your name, a laptop, a cell phone with limited usage, and several changes of clothing? All you have is your own resources and skills. The task at hand is to create financial freedom

In this short story. Shane Lifeman takes you through the steps in detail in regard to how he would go about increasing his cash in hand to generate an income just to be able to eat. Then turning around and creating several multiple streams of income with the goal of achieving financial freedom

Shane takes you through how he would figure out what business(s) he would start, and how he would get it off the ground to obtaining home ownership with no down payment, to the end goal of financial independence. It's a story of Rags to Riches using real and simple tactics that are available to anyone, for free

Some of the tactics that Shane goes into detail about are
- Buying property with no money down
- Establishing a credit history
- Starting a business with nothing
- Building up multiple income streams

All the tactics that Shane talks about, he has done in real life, with success. he has also been in this position several times in his life only to turn things around and live the dream life he now has.

Starting Over With Nothing To Financial Freedom
We survived winning the lotteryWe survived winning the lottery
We Survived Winning The Lottery

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your numbers hit, and you won the jackpot? Meet Jeff and Doris, who won 14 million in the lottery.

We have all heard stories about what can happen after you win the big one. It's well known that most lottery winners lose it over time, and some even end up desolate. For this, the reasons do vary. Meet Jeff and Doris a couple from a small town that led regular normal lives. Then one evening they discovered that they were the sole winners of a lottery jackpot with an estimated value of 14 million.

In their own words, Jeff and Doris tell their story when it came to discovering they held the winning ticket in their hands. Their story includes their celebration that got abruptly interrupted by the police, what they experienced with family and friends, and even at their church congregation. They explain what happens when they picked up their winnings, what they did afterward, Their lifestyle now and they cover in detail exactly how they spent their winning and set themselves up for a lifetime of financial freedom, while helping others through their businesses, one business purchase actually include the business that Jeff worked at, and what he did with his former boss.

This is a story of how 1 regular couple handled their lottery winnings

My Life As A Millionaire Was To Much Work

Shane Lifeman lived the American Dream. He didn't want to live up to the Jones. He wanted to be the Jones on his street. Then one morning Shane decided to liquidate everything and walk away from it all to live life on his terms. Shane worked in the manufacturing corporate world and due to employment uncertainty always had a side hustle on the go. Then one day, sitting down with his accountant, Shane was surprised when his accountant gave him the news that he was now a millionaire.

In this book. Shane goes over his life story when it comes to his corporate life and living the rat race lifestyle, How he stopped trading time for money, the time when he wanted to be a real estate mogul, and what happened. How he exited the corporate world in style, how he transitioned from working full-time to only when he wanted to, his path to becoming a millionaire, and what his new lifestyle is like, living life on his own terms.

Shane also provides his tips for choosing and working a side hustle and what it takes to achieve overnight success. As an added bonus Shane goes over the tactics he would implement if one morning he woke up with basically nothing, and the path he would take to achieve financial freedom in today's world

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