Who Is - Shane Lifeman?

Hi, I'm Shane Lifeman 

When I started my adult stage of life. It was drilled into me to get an education, work for the next 40 years, and try to become somebody. During that time, you buy the house, upgrade it to something bigger and better, and in essence, you stop trying to live up to the Joneses, and you become the Joneses in your neighborhood. Then, after 40 years of working, you retire and enjoy life as long as you still have your health.

That was me until one morning when I woke up on May 1st, 2018. That's when I realized that the life I was living, where I was working seven days a week to keep up a certain lifestyle, was no longer for me. So, with some planning, I downsized my life and sold off my business and rental properties. I started on a new path in life and started chasing after my dream of living free and living life. Oh, and it also consisted of living in a small beachside community where it's warm all year.

After essentially walking away from the American Dream and living in the rat race. I downsized my life, got my spending and finances under control, and started a side hustle that will enable me to work when I want to and also allow me to live and enjoy life anywhere in the world.

In my Blog. I will talk about everything I did and experienced, both the good and the bad, to help you live a better and simpler lifestyle.

On the resources page of this website. I will list the tools that can also help you make the decisions best suited for you and your situation so you can live free and live life. In my books, I also write inspirational stories relating to finances and living a better life, all based on my personal experiences living life.

a man holding a glass of wine in front of a table
a man holding a glass of wine in front of a table

Changing Your World

Changing Your Life

I believe it's paramount to create a committed and genuine community that has a positive influence on people’s lives beyond the online sphere. With more people online than ever before, and as we age. It is becoming harder and harder to live the life we dream of, especially due to the high cost of living and job and career uncertainty. I feel it doesn't matter what stage of life you are at. Living debt-free and slightly below your means can and is life-changing.